Levimate is an invaluable tool that can be used for any trade. The all-in-one Spirit Level and Deviator meter will save you time and energy on every job that requires precision and accuracy. ( Available in Metric or Imperial Measurements)

Levimate features include:

1. Patented deviation meter to measure deviations, gaps and falls in Millimeters or Inches

2. Extension feature takes the smaller L1 level from 865mm to 1200mm ( 34” to  47” ) and the larger L2 level from 1300mm to 2100mm ( 52” – 83” )

3. Built-in top ruler to measure between walls

4. Unique top locking system that is quick action and easy to operate

5. Shockproof vials and UV resistant bubble vials for clarity and long life

6. Shockproof end caps

7. All moving plastic parts are injected moulded using high strength Delrin (POP) for minimal friction, and longevity

8. Made from light aircraft grade aluminum for strength and durability

9. Heavy duty aluminium sections which minimise warp, twist and bend

10. Level accuracy to .5mm to 1m ( 0.02’’ to 0.04” )

11. Hanging hole for easy storage

12. Carry bag for set of 2 to carry your small and large level. Will fit across the back seats of most cars

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