Installing lintels – see how much to pack on either side before installing

Timber door installation – checking how much you need to cut a door in relation to a door jam

Frames and Stud wall levelling – Measure how much you need to pack or shave along a wall

Cabinet making – Use to see how much you need to left or drop to make cabinets level

Paving and Tiling

Paving and Tiling Should you need a fall in the tiles to meet building code standards

Flooring To see how much packing to put under a joist to make a floor level

Building and Construction


To measure how much you need to pack a stump from inside before going under to pack

Garden and landscaping

Getting levels and falls on landscaping

Steel fixer

Use to measure how much shimming is required to level a steel beam


Cutting glass or Mirrors to fit various frames i.e doors and windows and shower installations

Building inspectors

To give customers an idea of how much any wall is out of level


Check building works for level

Project Managers

Check building works for level

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